Abundance and Scarity

One of the big area’s that people have been trying to sell products in recently, is how to create abundance. How to create financial abundance, or abundance in just about any area of your life. There is one massive contradiction that a fairly large portion of those advertising products related to abundance, use a wide range of scarcity tactics in trying to sell these products.

Tactics like limited time offer, hurry buy before Midnight and save 50%, only 100 available, or any number of other offers. The problem is that some of these tactics may actually be based on truth. Like the limited number available. Yes you may only be getting 100 packs printed or created. However if you are truly selling the idea of abundance and there always being enough, then selling based on this is causing the opposite. It is causing people to beleive that there might not be enough, and causing more thinking the opposite of what you are trying to sell.

This is also creating similar issues with limited time offers and discounts. Praying on peoples weakness, of a lack of time to take advantage of an offer. This is completely moving the opposite direction to abundance, and creating a scarcity mind set, that there is not enough time, or that time is limited.

If you are selling a product and your focus is to help people realize that there is abundance in their life. Your product should be helping them to see this. In following the idea if being consistent in everything that you do, you need to ensure that your marketing and your product are in alignment. That one is not contradicting the other.

If you are truly pushing to create an abundance mind set, then don’t limit the offer, don’t use discounts, set the price at a price that doesnt change. Why limit the production, if you can only afford to make 100 to sell right now, advertise it 100 avilable now, more on order. Truly creating a product that will help people gain abundance should be less about using a gimmick to get a sale and creating a product worth people spending their money on.

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