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There is possibly one important part of using twitter that you might have fogot to take advantage of. That is the fact it is a 24/7 social network. It is active all day, and all night, and your account is there for people to view, what you say and all the time.

Now even though you may have your details, and a little about your business, and even a link to your site. It still takes people to look in the right spot to see your site. Often i know myself i will do one of two things, look for the site, because i know that is what i am looking for or just look at past tweets. more then 60% of the time i think i tend to look at past tweets first.

So how are you saying does knowing this help you. Well it is something that you can use to your advantage when you are leaving twitter for the night or for the day when you are at work. You can make sure your last tweet is an attention grabber, that if possible includes a link. This will ensure that people visiting your profile when you are away are most likely to see this last tweet.

The other good time to look at including this type of attention grabbing tweet is just before following a group of people. Many people will check someone’s profile before following back, and if you have a link in the last tweet, then there is a possible chance that they may visit it. Using both these meathods i have enjoyed some increased traffic over the past month or so.

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Very simple and practical idea I will certainly use it in my armoury thanks keep on Twitting

This is solid info. I’ve noticed my twitter visits have gone up slowly but surely as a result of following people.

Just be careful to not rely to much on twitter. I made this mistake and went from good visitor count to nothing when my twitter account was locked down for 2 or 3 days. It was at that time that I started looking at as many other ways as I could to get the visitors to the site.

By all means I still use Twitter, however it only accounts for maybe less then 20% of incoming traffic. At the most any month.

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