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Track the return from marketing

Probably the quickest and easiest way to know if your marketing is successful or not is to actually track how many customers it generates, based on how much you spend. In my last post i discussed working out how much it cost’s you to acquire a customer, if you are not tracking how many customers […]

The Cost of Acquiring a Customer

There is a large number of measures within your business that you can measure. Things like the lifetime value of a customer, or tracking your employee’s key performance indicators, plus many others. However one key cost that many business owners do not realize, is that of acquiring a new customer. The theory that you open […]

Marketing Buzzwords

There are two fairly common buzzwords, which are fairly commonly used very often in marketing. Can you guess what they are? It is a fairly easy one to pick if you have seen almost any marketing anywhere, the first is the hook of the “Limited Time Office”. It is something that is done in so […]