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As you may ahve figured by now i really like WordPress. I host more then one site on it (in fact No Fixed Office, Orion Networks, Average Joe Host, this site and one or two other client sites). It is really a great product, in it’s base form. However almost everything can be made better, and WordPress is no exception. There is a very large number of plug-ins available that will allow you to extend WordPress beyond the default install.

What i wanted to do was to share some of the plug-ins that i use and that have also been recommended to me by others.

1. Google XML Sitemaps Generator – This is the very first plug-in that i install, it makes the site easily accessible for most search engines, and notifies them of the sitemap. While i do not think it will guarantee getting listed it will possibly help, i know it help for my sites.

This plug-in generates a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your WordPress blog. This format is supported by Ask.com, Google, YAHOO and MSN Search.

2. WordPress e-Commerce Plugin – If you are looking for an additional way to make some money with your blog then this e-Commerce plug-in should be one of the first stops. It can turn your site into a store or just be part of the site.

The WordPress e-Commerce plug-in is a state-of-the-art e-Commerce platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards and usability. It is both free and priceless at the same time.

3. ShareThis – ShareThis makes it really easy to add all of the social media links for users to submit your site to things like Digg, StumbleUpon, even Facebook and other sites. It does this with a plug-in, which adds a share this button to each post, and then this button when clicked, gives a pop out that shows all the options.

4. Exclude Pages – Sometimes when you are creating a site rather then just a blog, you do not want to include all the pages that you create in the navigation. Especially if you are creating all pages and a lot of them. this handy plug-in gives you a tick box option to include the page in the navigation or not. While it can be done in the code a plug-in makes it a little easier for those of us that are not so confident coders.

5. WordPress Twitter Bot – For those who are quite active twitter users, this one may be a handy one for you. It will tweet when you create a new post on your blog, and has the ability to be turned on or off on a per post basis.

Well this about rounds out my current favorite or recommended, plug-ins. If there is one thing i have learnt about plug-ins there is a point when you can have to many and there are really just a few that you really need unless you want something quite specific. Enjoy the list anyone and please share this post with others you think may enjoy it. Also please comment if you have any other plug-ins you think are useful.

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Awesome! I was looking for a couple of those things. Thanks =]

I like your list. I have used all those on blogs I have set up. I also like HeadSpace2 for SEO work.

thanks for your list.

That was the main reason i put these ones in the list, they are almost essentials to start out with a new blog. While there are a lot of other plugin’s available until you know you need them they dont add much for you. However these ones provide good starting point

I took a look at Headspace2 may give it a try and see what it is like. SEO is still something that i have not really got into just yet, but i suppose there is no time like the present to get started.

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