If it is so Secret

As a little follow up to my post last week about the fact there is no big secret, i just wanted to add a little more. Which at this point is more  question then a why. The question is

Why do people call something a secret and then almost give it away at some ridiculously low price, if not for free?

For me this question has a couple of points i find interesting.

  1. If it is such a great secret and you think people are really going to want to know it, then why charge a price that everyone can afford. It does not make sense to me, why if it is a real secret do you want so many people knowing that it makes it difficult for you to use it for any advantage. One of my theories on this is that the secret they are selling in fact does not work any where near as well as it is marketed and you are just trying to make the money selling the supposed secret.
  2. Having a low price is just as bad as having a high price for almost the same reason. If you have a high price people see the product as unaffordable, and often wont buy because they cannot afford it. In retrospect having the product priced cheaply, is almost worse because everyone buys, and you lose those big dollar sales because the people that would be willing to pay for something that was a real secret, and actually valuable would see the price as this does not work, or will be to over sold.

In either case you end up with sales issues, that mean you probably could have done better if the product was a true real product with potential that you sold at a price that was relative. In the long run which is going to be easier, making 5 to 10 sales of a decent product at $1,000 each or making 500-1000 sales at $10 each. Yes you may have to spend a little more time creating a real valuable product, however in the long run, your sales task should be much easier to gain the same dollar value return.

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