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If you have been blogging for long chances are that you have heard about WordPress. Even still if you haven’t, it is one of the most popular blogging scripts available. So being that WordPress is so popular I thought why not put together a few links to some very relevant pages that will help you either getting start or moving forward with your blog.

1. Top 50 WordPress Tutorials – This list of the top 50 WordPress tutorials was put together by Glen Stansberry on the NetTuts site. It covers quite a few areas including, WordPress basics, the Theme, Plugin’s, the backend and a range of miscellaneous other areas.

37. Creating An Automatic Sitemap

Sitemaps help users navigate the site, as well as allow search engines to have quick access to all of your blog’s pages. Here’s a tutorial on how to create an automatic sitemap for your WordPress installation.

2. First Steps with WordPress – Ok so if you have taken a look at the WordPress site and found your way to the WordPress Codex. Then this is possibly a page you have seen. So why am I including it, because if you are just getting started with WordPress you really do need to take a look at something straight forward that just goes over some of the basics. Really who better to go over the basics then the developers themselves.

3. – Ok so reading about how to do some things is just not for you. So then it is defiantly worth taking a look at The site has a large range of video tutorials, covering almost any area of WordPress that you may want to actually see what you need to do.

4. 21 of the best WordPress Plugins for New Blogs – If you were to just go looking chances are finding the right plugin’s that you need and actually will do what you want. Literally would become a major game of guess and check and you would probably be chasing you tail a lot trying many things that were not really going to achieve what you want. So having a cut down list, will help you get moving on a more targeted plugin choice early in your blog.

I have a confession to make. I’ve been holding out on you.

As someone that preaches being Radically Transparent, I’ve not been very forthcoming with the list of WordPress plugins we use on Marketing Pilgrim. By keeping them a big secret, I shamelessly thought I’d keep an advantage over competing blogs.

5. WordPress functions to supercharge your Theme – A couple of functions that can help you make some quick changes to your theme, plus add a little functionality.

WordPress is well known for its plugins and themes, but not enough people know and love what you can do in your themes functions.php. Chris Pearson showed his love for them back in May, and he did a great job of explaining how you can bring your own functions.php file to each and every theme you use, so I’m not going to repeat that, just go read it.

Then Matt Varone started releasing a whole array of useful functions in three consecutive posts over the last couple of months.

6. How to Upgrade to WordPress 2.7 Safely and Ensure Compatibility – For those who are still working with earlier versions of WordPress. Upgrading to WordPress 2.7 may be something you want to do but especially for those who use a lot of plug-in’s may still be something that is a one of these days things. Well this post may help you make the step sooner then you thought.

WordPress 2.7 codename “Coltrane” has been released earlier in December 2008, with the most significant change being the new Dashboard interface. A lot of people upgrade immediately, but a few others are still hesitant for one reason or another, as seen in the various blogging forums, including the WordPress Support Forums.

The rule of thumb is simple. You should upgrade as soon as time permits.

Well this about sums up the links for this week, I hope that you found something useful in these links, and that it helps you improve your WordPress skills or learn something new. So check the links and feel free to share some of your own in the comments.

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Thanks for sharing these – especially the tutorials and videos. Saves me from having to create them myself (which was of course, on the “list” of things to get to someday soon) 😉

Thanks for some great resources. I especially like the links to the tutorials. Good Tips and Tricks for those of us who use WordPress. Keep up the great work!


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