The biggest secret of them all

It is most possibly one of the things that you see most often. Something that creates mystery and intrigue, it grasps you and holds your attention. Just the thought of finding something out that not everyone knows. It is the mystery of a secret.

It is one of the most most used sales tactics i have seen, just about. People selling some kind of secret, be it the secret to business success, or the secret to getting visitors to your blog, or the secret profit scheme you can use on adsense. There are literally hundreds. There is probably a fairly good chance that the adsense ads on this page will be showing some kind of ad that includes the lure of a secret.

Without wasting to much time getting to it i really want to spill what i believe the biggest secret is. The real secret is there is NO SECRET. If you look at the real basis of just about any product sold as being the secret of whatever. it will ultimately come down to a few fairly basic common sense ideas, which if you really think about it you probably already knew. Now before you stop reading, it isn’t all gloom and doom, there is nothing left. I will look to make a couple of things a little clearer if i can.

The first thing i want to clear out of the way is that, there is a different between a secret and what is generally sold as a secret. A secret is something that one person knows, and needs to tell another for them to know. In other words generally something that is not common knowledge. A true secret is generally not something that is sold for $30 to as many people that are willing to pay for it. On the other hand the things most commonly sold as a secret. Things like The secret to business profits. Or the secret to online millions. Are often nothing more than a fairly straight forward process. A series of steps or processes that are not that secret but potentially can be discovered by anyone. But more importantly the steps and processes are often widely known, just overlooked due to being common practice by many.

Now i know that i am making quite a claim here to be shunning this whole idea point blank. However the concept really does come back to similar elements in almost all cases. Plus there is the fairly prominent fact that if a secret were really such guarded knowledge. That it was worth knowing that it was worth something to sell. How could it be that so many people are willing to sell such a secret for so little. For sometimes as little as a couple of dollars.

Anyway maybe to better illustrate this idea an example may help. Lets go with “The Secret to Business Success”. This one especially can be almost seen straight through. What really constitutes a secret to business success is the biggest question. I know, as i am sure you possibly know as well there are a number of points that can ensure a successful business. Things like

For the most part if you play to these five items, plus maybe some others, you business is highly likely to succeed. No secret here. In fact most of these things if you started from nothing could be devised in a matter of hours probably. Straight away if you start a business and buy a widget for $20 and try to sell it for $18 you will realize you are doing something wrong, you are losing money. So you either find a way to buy it cheaper, or you raise the price. Same with location, if you have a drinks cart and park it in one location and you are not selling anything, but you look around and see a lot of people in another area, you would move the cart nearer to where the people are.

A fairly large number of things that are sold as secrets, are more so in fact just plain common sense. Don’t spend you time and you hard earned money paying for something that is common sense. It basically comes down to if you know you can do step 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and start a business and make a profit. You know enough of the secret already. Yes there may be a small extra detail that will make a small change to your business, however it is often something that you will figure out for yourself given time. It is rarely something that will make such a drastic change that it could not wait a little while.

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