Be consistent with your marketing

Once you have decided to be in business you need to get started with your marketing. However marketing is one facet of your business that should not be a haphazard affair. It needs to be something that is consistent from start to finish.

Being consistent is about portraying the same message and same values when ever you are directly dealing with a client. Decide on a logo and stick to it, if there is some real need that you do find to change it, take your time to change it, don’t jump in and change it then realize it doesn’t work then change again. Be sure if you are going to change the logo that the change will achieve what you expect it to.

The same with the message that you portray to your customers, if on one hand you are promoting your business as a full service, quality business. You don’t want to be constantly offering discounts. All it will do is shoot holes in the idea that your business is full service. Mostly because you have to cut something in line with the price, if you cut the price.

Finally if you make a promise, something like, 15 minute service guarantee, or some other definable promise to your customer then, you need to stick to it every time. Even if you find yourself getting bitten by the promise one day. You may just have a string of mistakes or problems that cause you to break the promise, then do what you need to make it right with the customer, if this is giving a discount or whatever to keep the customer happy. Keeping your promise or duly compensating is something you really need to consider.

It does not really matter which part of your business or message or such that you are dealing with keeping it all consistent is the most important thing for your business.

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