Build a Good Relationship with your Supplier

Just about every business that sells products, has a supplier to some degree or another. Maybe it is a wholesaler, or an independent manufacture. No matter what type or size of supplier though almost without fail you will be dealing with a person at that business. When dealing with people building a relationship with them on a professional basis is almost essential.

Knowing a little about the person that you will be often dealing with a couple of times per week, can often be a good thing. It will mean that sometimes rather then calling your supplier and just jumping straight into what you want, you can make the other person feel a little more human, by talking with them, rather then just having them follow the same repetitive process.

There can be some really good benefit’s to building these sort of relationships with your suppliers. The first one is if you call up really desperate for a product, they will be more likely to do whatever they can to get it to you. Where on the other hand called up just did you business and did give a care, you may get lucky and get a little extra help or maybe not. People remember people that treat them as people.

The second benefit can be discounts, and it may or may not be something you need to ask for. Some suppliers will give their good customers additional discounts and may do it on your orders even if you don’t request it. Another benefit can come on supplier discounts or deals, when the supplier hears of them they will often let their preferred customer know first before it is even announced to the rest of their customers, giving you a head start on the rest.

At the end of the day though forming a good business relationship with your supplier is essential, even more so if you are dealing with the same rep each time your actions will often be remembered, and treated as such every time you call.

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