Things that dont get done.

Do you ever get to the end of the day and look back at your to do list, and just find there is that one or two things that you have been putting on your to do list for weeks that are still on there. It just seems like you think back and cannot really remember when it wasn’t on your list and that makes you wonder is it ever going to get marked off.

The primary issue that i know i face in this situation is that i am often finding that there is one or two things like this and they will sit there for a week or two and not really get touched. What i have come to believe may be causing this is that it is potentially these items are maybe to big an item and i don’t realize this until it has been sitting there a while. In the two items that i have sitting like this on my to do list right now and they have been there for close to a month are both not so much simple to do list items but more so full projects, that really could potentially include days if not weeks of to do items to make them happen.

While this is maybe not something you have come across i think that it is potentially a mistake that many people do make, without realizing it. There are probably many different ways that you can fix this, but i think the main ones that i am really starting to look towards are a fairly good starting point.


This is maybe something that you see recurring in a few different things that i write about especially in relation to getting things done. This is to break it down or chunk it down into smaller parts. Really which seems to be easier as an item on a to do list, Starting a business or Registering a business name. The second fairly specific part of starting a business is a much easier to do list item to accomplish. While there would be many other items that you would need to include on your list as well including them as small defined steps makes it more likely you will get them done.

Another good example is where a large project is defined, like writing a book or 30 day guide, where if you leave it as one point all you see is this huge project that even if worked on continuously would probably take weeks or months. Such large projects hardly are motivation to truly put the effort in on one day to complete. This again is where breaking it down to smaller chunks is an advantage. A 30 day guide you may break down to 30, 60 or even 90 parts to work on an have one or two per day, and over time the main item will inevitably be completed.


The other option that you have is to re-evaluate just what it is that is on your to do list. If you are finding that the majority of items that you have on your to do list are big multi day projects. Then is this really a to do list, are you really maybe creating a goal list, and confusing the items that you are placing on it with things you need to do today, as opposed to projects you want to work on today and into the future.


At the end of the day what it really comes down to if you are not completing the items that you are putting on your to do list is figuring out why. The first step here is to define what exactly you want a particular point on your to do list to achieve and then define what steps are needed to achieve that. Doing this alone is the first step towards breaking down your to do items.Once your items are better defined you will know if in fact what you have on your list is something that is achievable in a single day or if you should be putting each smaller part onto a different day or different item on your list.

Finally the one thing that you may find to be the most useful part is thinking if the item you have been listing is something that you really want to achieve. If it is follow this process and find out what you need to change to be able to achieve this item on your to do list. But most importantly, once you have followed the process get in and do one small thing towards this item, then tomorrow do the next item and keep working through them until they are all done.

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