What Do You Really Want?

This questions “What do you really want?” Is one of those questions which everyone should spend time asking themselves and really delving into the answer. It isn’t a question that you can lightly consider and think you have answer to and then move on with things. You need to ask the question and then really consider your first answer before asking it again.


The biggest problem that most people face in answering this question is, what they believe they want is not want they truly want. The key to really making the question work though is working out what it is that you really want between what you think you want. This is not to say that what you think you want is not what you will get or not a part of what you really want, but it is initially just an illusion to what you truly are searching for.

For example you may think that you want money, and you may ask yourself over and over again the questions “What do you really want?” Eventually though you will realize that money is not what you really want, it is just the material depiction of what you want. What you may really want is financial freedom, of which having money is a part, or maybe it is the status of having money that others perceptions are different and having money creates this different perception in people for you.


Once you really have figured out what you want, you need to write it down. Writing it down though in a way that you truly understand what it means. There is no point thinking this trough and then going to write it down and write down your effectively false initial answer, and not your true what you really want.

The benefit in writing it down is to ensure that you are going to follow this idea and be able to refer to what you really want every time you think about this question.


While your answer is often going to be different once you really get down to the true answer you will find that you need to understand what the true answer is. For example wanting money and wanting financial freedom, may sound like the same thing, and wanting money is a part of wanting financial freedom, but when it comes down to it wanting financial freedom is actually something quite different.

So you really need to understand how you initial answer does differ from what you truly do want, it may be somewhat of a challenge for some of you however, this is part of the fun in challenging yourself to find what it is that you truly want.

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