Buisiness Reinvention

Well it has come to a point again, which is actually if i remember correctly the same point where i started out on this blog. However slightly different, when i started the blog i was looking to change my business completely, stop doing what i am doing and change direction and business.

However to some extent i have never really discontinued the business i am doing and to another extent unable to decide on what other business to really undertake. Although the more that i am doing now on the internet and through a few other little things, i am finding that rather then drop my business as it exists i am more inclined to maintain it and reinvent just what it does.

There are two questions that are still weighing on my mind though even though i have made the decision to reinvent the business and make the change. The first is just what do i what to reinvent the business into. I know it needs to take advantage of the currant name and image that i have to some extent already created, which so far has given me some ideas.

The other question which is possibly more critical is, How do i reinvent my business to what i want it to be, once i have figured out what and where i want it to be. This is probably the more unknown question for me, i am sure with a little thought over a week or two what to change to i will have some idea, but then how to make it happen is more the question.

Do i just suddenly integrate a new part of the business? Do i plan a launch for the new part of the business? Marketing is hugely important i think in adding a new part to the business, but do i get a project or two underway then start marketing or the other way around? Some confusion, but i just all it will take is a little research and i should be able to get it out of the way no problem, i suppose.

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