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I decided the other day that maybe i should give a new advertising avenue a try for my blogs just to see how it would go. Well the choice that i end up making was to give the Facbook Ads a try. For the most part this was because i found the “The Visa Business Network” on Facebook.

When i joined The Visa Business Network they were offering $100, credit for Facebook ads (this was 15th Feb 2009, the offer may or may not still be available). This advertising credit i thought would make a great way to test what was possible without having to waste a lot of my own money testing it out. Well as it stands the results that i am seeing are actually kind of underwhelming. Which could possibly be my own fault on either of two fronts, getting to specific on one the geo targeting, or not having compelling ad copy.

Basically i decided to give three ads a try to start out. One each for two of my blogs and then one for an affiliate link, with their keyword advertising link. None have images, however i tried to get catchy headlines on them. I targeted each one to the primary audience i thought would find it of interest within Australia. This gave varying numbers of potential viewers, but two were quiet high over 100,000 and one was targeted down to about 10,000 viewers.

Well the biggest surprise to me is just how many impressions i got, the targeted one has had a fairly even growth over the days that it has been online. However the other two for some reason showed spikes of about 7,000 impressions within hours of being online, however then slowed right down, to similar to the other ad. Overall i believe that it maybe was a glitch that caused the initial spike, however it is quiet annoying to try and view it on a graph as is.

Anyway at this point theit have not been any clicks and i think that i will be making use of some tweaking on the ads, and hopefully will try one or two other ads, pretty soon with some more targeted groups,as well as some pictures included in the ad to see if this makes a difference. I will continue to keep things updated though.

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