Sell with your Invoice

One tool that just about every business has a available to them to use as a sales tool, is one that many do not make use of. That tool is the Tax invoice that you give to every customer. Especially for businesses who provide A4 page tax invoices, you are often wasting a lot of space you could be selling with.

Whether you use an A4 invoice, or a Receipt printer. There are opportunities to sell, all the time no matter which option you use.


While you do have limited space on some receipt printers, you should never let the opportunity pass to at least get your website address in front of the customer. Be it just the address, or some sort of offer, such as a mention of coupons for in store special’s or an online sale, or even a new product feature special.  All you need is a few words that will encourage a customer to visit your site and the address of your website.


Unlike a receipt on a docket roll, an A4 invoice provides a lot of space for you to market to your customers. You have at least 3 opportunities to sell to your customer on an A4 invoice, if not more depending on how yours is laid out. the first is the Footer, in this area, you can either offer a product or service, that is not often related to your business as a reminder, or a reference to your website.

The second option that you have is the often large unused block of space in the middle of the page, below the products on the invoice, but above the totals. This space is a prime area, to advertise a new product or an up coming sales event. See the sample below.

Sales Invoice

Finally the third and the most useful option is the reverse side of the invoice. A full A4 page that you can use to promote anything you like for your business, it may just be that you want to have a little about the company, or you may want to make sure that everyone knows about the full range of your products. The best way to accomplish this, is through a pre printed page with what you want here, and then just print your invoice on the other side.


It is beyond a doubt much easier to sell to an exsisting customer then it is to gain a new customer and this can be one of the very inexpensive if not free ways that you can do so. You know that these customers like your business because they are already buying, so a reminder about something that they may also want later on is not a hard decision to make.

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