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Business Growth: Funding

When your business is growing there is one thing that often seems to come up as a problem. The money to fund all kinds of different things. Be it buying stock, paying an unexpected bill or any range of other things that you may need to pay out. While i am no financial planner, there […]

All your eggs in one basket

There are many things that people will disagree on. Is there enough or to much regulation, does government do enough or not enough, should interest rates be higher or lower. What would the world be like if everyone agreed on everything, it would be pretty boring. There would be something missing, something that just wouldn’t […]

Brisbane Business Luncheon Series

On the 27th of February, Vendan Events and Speakers Management is hosting a Luncheon at the Marriott Hotel. This event is part of a series of Luncheon’s to be held in 2009, in February, May, August and November. “At the Brisbane Business Luncheon events, senior level executives will also have the opportunity to meet and […]