A method for growth

Growing your business is one of the things that can often pose the greatest mystery to new business owners. The idea of having to add additional costs without really know where the money to pay for them is going to come from can be one of the hardest parts of initially starting a business.

While the fear of adding costs without being able to justify them is not something that you can easily do away with. There is maybe a better method to deal with adding these costs to see the benefit from them. It mostly comes down to a little planning and a little forethought, with a dash of rationality.

What this all basically boils down to is you should not be just adding more more people because you think you need more people to look like a real business. If you can do everything that needs to be done, and do not feel like you are being pushed to hard, then you do not really need more people. However if you are comfortable, but feel like you would like to grow then you may want to consider adding another employee. However especially for owner operator’s this can be the hardest thing they ever do in their business. When you add an employee you need to move some tasks off of your diary and into theirs.

What this means is if you for example were to hire a secretary who will answer calls, make appointments, and generally run your office, then you need to allow them to do this. Of course you will need to train them, and maybe have a set of procedures that they need to follow, but if you hire someone to do this job then you need to be willing to give up the tasks of that role to this person.

Consequently in giving up the tasks of this role, you will more then likely find yourself with more spare time. Which often will lead to wondering why you have started paying someone to do this role. There is one important thing you need to remember at this point, which is this free time needs to be directed to the more important area of building your business further. You may save yourself 2 hours per day in taking calls and making appointments. If you end up spending this time making sure that you new hire is doing it right then you have achieved nothing. However if you take this time and get on the phone and make calls rather then taking them to gain new clients or can see an extra 3 or 4 customers in this time you are making the most of the hire.

The same can be said for a hiring a sales person. If you spend all your time overseeing if they are doing the role correctly you will find that the hire is not worth the time. However if you set a range of guidelines, some targets and provide them with a suitable range of procedures, and step back, you should be able to gauge how they are doing based on if they achieve their targets or not. Plus it will see you leveraging your time, to work more on the business then in the business.

Basically what i beleive it comes down to is taking on the new hires, training them properly, giving them a set of guidlines to work in, and targets to work with. All up this should give you potentially a business that is much more geared towards growth then a top heavy company with more people doing less and everything being left to you.

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