Knowing what to do but not doing it

Have you ever had that feeling you know what you need to do, but for whatever reason you just do not follow through and do it.  You seem to be stuck in the area between doing it and not doing it and just cannot take that final step to action.

I for one can say that i have been at that point very often, and still have not worked out what it takes for me to take that extra step. The primary area that i would like to make a change and be able to take that last step is with my business. I know that i need to do something to try and grow the business, but at this point i have not been able to work out how to push myself to take that final step.

One area that i believe is greatly affected by this, and something that does not always actually appear as a issue to many people is partially two things. The first is their own fear, many people do not realize it but often they have not just a fear of failure but also a fear of success, it may not come through as oh no i hope i don’t succeed i really do not want to succeed. But more of a if i did succeed what would i do, would i be able to cope with the demand, would i be able to do what i have promised. This self doubt is one of the primary area’s that i think stops some people.

The other area that i see as a self de-motivator is risk to reward ratio. This kicks in when you look at a task that you have planned, and then look at the potential reward you may gain from taking that risk. If you try and match this against your own internal systems and find that the reward to risk is to low you will not be as motivated to get in and do the task at hand. But then also if you find that the reward is overaly high in comparison to the risk, you own system’s may again kick in as you may believe that it is to good to be true.

What it really comes down to at the end of the day is stepping outside what you believe is good enough, or not good enough and accepting the potential result good or bad. Then adjusting your internal thought system to just get out there and do it.

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