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It is more and more becoming the case that your website is often your most important point for connecting with your customers. While you may have brochures, and fliers, TV ads, and any number of other marketing endeavors, at the end of the day, your website is the easiest and most flexible way for your customers to connect to you.

However so many businesses do not realize the benefit that their business could derive from improving on their website. While others really miss the entire point of what a website could potentially do for their business. While it is not a case that a website can replace your other marketing efforts, it is more about the combination of these other marketing activities with your website that will show your business the greatest benefit. While there are many mistakes that are potentially possible with a website, below you will find just a few of the more problematic ones.


Saving money on your web development, can often be cause for a great number of different problems from, imperfect layouts, to half finished projects. To ensure that your website shows the best side of your business you really need to ensure that you do pay for what you want, or pay to get something of a commercial standard. this is most important to ensure that customers do not get the opinion that you may cut corner’s on what you sell just like it may appear on your website.


The information that your clients may come to your website looking for should not be hidden. If the client cannot easily find the information that they are looking for them the chances of them looking hard enough to find it or taking the time to call you to find it is slim. As such this can often lead to a missed opportunity. If you make it know you have information on your site for a particular topic then, you should make this information as easy to find as possible.


While it is maybe perfectly in line with your site to advertise your own products on your site which link to your own pages and allow people to buy the item from you. The other end of advertising where you think of adding advertisements for other companies, or CPC ads so to try and get some return from your website, is the quickest and easiest way to discredit yourself to potential customers.


The most important thing that you need to be sure about with your website is being sure that you are not using a combination of colours that will distract potential users, rather then assisting them. While Black and white can be boring, it is also very easy to read, when interspersed with small amounts of colours, it can be very interesting. However using something like a solid red background with bright yellow writing is not something that would encourage customers to hang around. Not only is it hard to read, it is probably not the most user friendly idea.


While getting the right advise and a professional website may cost you some extra money, it is often well worth what it costs. It may be that the money spent is more then you want, but at the end of the day you may just find that it does help to increase your customer attraciton through your site.

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