First Step into Social Media

If you have been unsure about where to make your first step into social media in relation to your business, then maybe consider a Facebook Page for your business. Of course this will depend upon the type of business that you are operating and if you even want to make Social media a part of your marketing plan, however starting out here is a fairly simple affair.

The first place to start is at the Facebook Pages site. The page includes some details about the service that is available. Once you have decided to go ahead simply click on the + create a facebook page button. Which will bring you to a page which will let you select the category of your page, where you have three choices. Local (with business type option), brand or product, and artist, band, or public figure. Below this Enter the name of the business or other option your choose, and click Create Page.

On the following page you have the option to login with an existing Facebook account or to create a new account. Your choice here should depend on a number of things. But it comes down to one real basic decision, if you have a personal facebook account and don’t mix business here here, then create a new account. If however you very much share business within your personal facebook account then use your existing account.

The one thing that you need to remember, when you are creating a page for your business on Facebook is that once you create it especially if you use your personal account to create it then you are linked. So what you say and do on your facebook business page, may link directly back to you and vice versa with your profile. So it really means that you need to be to some extent professional in your dealings as poor performance on your facebook profile may lead back your business and this is really not what you want.

On a more positive note, once you have created your facebook business page, you can start allowing people to become a fan of your business, and let the social media aspect work. This being said if you do not make some effort in sharing the page, you may find nothing actually happens, however advertising can easily be set-up for your page on the facebook site, just with one or two clicks, and this lets you straight away start another online marketing area, which can cost as little or as much as you like.

If you need any assistance in getting started with this area of marketing your business, please feel free to contact me either via a comment, or by connecting to me as a friend on facebook.

My Facebook business page i have just created can be found here

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