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A website, the building blocks

Almost for any business these day’s a website is quite important. It is no longer just another expense, that you can add to your marketing budget, but potentially another employee, that works for you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. The best part is that i can become more then just an employee, […]

Take a real holiday

The more that i thought about this heading for a post, the more i realized how little of my own advice i sometimes seem to take. It has been literally maybe 7 or 8 years since i spent a night further then 100km from home. In actual fact in that time i do not think […]

A method for growth

Growing your business is one of the things that can often pose the greatest mystery to new business owners. The idea of having to add additional costs without really know where the money to pay for them is going to come from can be one of the hardest parts of initially starting a business. While […]