End of the Year

Well, as i think just about everyone will realize it is the end of another year. While worldwide it would seem that many have taken quite a beating with the stockmarket, and other financial problems that have come up, Australia has to some extent been a little bit better off. This is not to say that Australia has not been hit by the year that has gone, however not to the same degree that other countries have taken a hit.

Today is pretty much 90 days since i posted “http://joelbrown.id.au/2008/10/02/just-90-days-left/”. This was a look at the fact that only a small amount of the year remained, and just what to do with it. While some others were taking the chance to make it a big final impression for the year i choose to go the more sedate path of just putting time into things that would be better used in the new year.

As it stands i have and have not actually achieved what i wanted to in the last 90 days of the year, even let alone the whole year. Starting with the last 90 days i have made some steps towards next year. For the first part i have managed to put together my new site for my business. While the store portion of the site is still under development, i have moved the rest of the site over, to a newer more flexible backend, which of course as i just mentioned will allow for an online store.

The launch of the online store i hope to coincide with some marketing that i want to do for my business (Orion Networks) early in the year, offering primarily ink and toner. I would really like this to be the first step towards my business being reinvigorated in 2009, and moving towards this becoming my no.1 source of income, along with a number of others. Which will i hope coincide with a number of other income sources building as well. So as not to move outside my therory of multiple sources of income.

Additionally with the idea of building multiple streams of income, and my business income again. Then i would hope that financially the coming year will be at least as financially beneficial as the one that has just passed. As it stands for the year of 2008 i increased my assets by almost 35% on the previous year, which is not a small feat at all, however is considerably easier at lower asset levels. To match that this year i need to add 125% of the value i added to my assets this year.

Moving to other area’s for the future year, i do not plan to make any new years resolutions as i just do not think that they will be of that much benefit to me. However i do plan to put in place about 4 or 5 goals (2 major, and 3 minor) to really give myself a challenge for the following year. I think goals that can be measure work much better then trying to set a i will go to the gym every day or i will stop doing so and so. A goal by definition has a point you reach that you have achieved the goal, where as resolutions, rely on doing whatever it is you have set right away and continuously.

As a whole i believe for myself the coming year is going to be beneficial, and that i can make some extensive changes to my personal, business and finiancial affairs and that as a whole it will be for the better. I will look to share and discuss to the extent i can here, and with any luck, will be sharing much more with you all in the new year. I do have some plans for this blog as well, so stay tuned and we can both see where things go.

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