Keeping an Idea Journal

I have been blogging for a little while now, and one thing i tend to find is that idea’s come and go, but by far to often they don’t come at a time when i have to write the post. So i have taken to keeping an idea’s journal.

My idea’s journal has taken on a few different forms over the last couple of months. The first incarnation was a school exercise book, which i just kept track of everything i needed to remember or such in, with the idea’s randomly written where there was space. The second time was again a school exercise book, however i tried to organise it a little to keep the ideas in one space and then different other things arranged accordingly.

Finally the third time which is where i am at now i realised i needed something that was going to really be just for the idea’s for my posts, plus a little space for other to do things for my blogs. So this time i went along the path of an A4 ruled book, similar to the school exercise books, just bigger. I figure that this should give me plenty of space to track each idea, and not run out of space any time soon. The space is really an issue because i find that i can sometimes have 10-20 ideas quite quickly and then may have some trouble coming up with idea’s. So this allows me to keep those ideas to write about when i am low on ideas.

For writing the idea’s out i try and not go to over board, because although this would help in the writing later on, it kind of defeats the purpose. So i attempt to write just one or two lines to encompass the idea, and follow this with up to about 10 point’s i want to make with the post, sometimes it will be less points, but rarely more as i think that more then 10 will often lead to potential for splitting the idea into more then one post. But i always leave space for at least 10 points, so that i can read back over ideas and add to them if i need to.

If you tend to do a lot of writing and have on occasion trouble coming up with topics to write about, then it may be well worth your time to consider an idea’s journal, it will help to jog your memory on the great idea you had for a post but did not have the time to write.

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