No compromise

There is one thing that far to many businesses do that can be hurting their business more than they know. This is the act of comprising quality for a lower price when purchasing any range of things they need for their business. This can be things like Marketing, Website, or any number of other things that you really should considering paying for quality rather then getting something cheap or free.


While every industry has variations in prices, sometimes these variations end up being quite vast, and obviously something is going to be different. For example if you have gone to three different sign writers, to have a sign created and your request to each has been the same. Then you would expect the prices to all be in a similar range maybe within a few hundred dollars, if you received one quote that was for $1200 less then the other two, you really would have to question why such the difference. when there is very large differences between the cheapest quote and the others, then it is definitely worth considering scrapping the cheapest quote.


When it comes to many things like internet development, and graphic design, almost everyone knows someone who can do the web page, or design flyers. The problem is that while sometimes this can work in your favor especially if the person has some talent and just wants to get a start, more often then not, you can end up with a sub par site that you feel obliged to use, even if it nothing like what you want, or completely unusable by your customers.


What it really comes down to is that if you are operating a business you need a professional image, often this is going to cost you money. But at the end of the day which would you prefer spending more to get a decent quality product, that your customers see the quality in. Or getting something cheap and portraying exactly this to your clients through either poor quality or lack of usability.

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