Why i Tip

It seems that it is something that i have started doing on quite a regular basis, that is tipping when going to a cafe. I did for a period previously tip but for some reason i had stopped doing so, i cannot remember exactly why, but it was probably 2 or 3 months ago now i started again.

I think that there is probably two main reasons why i tend to tip pretty much every time that i go to a cafe, unless of course they don’t have a tip jar.

1. The first reason is the obvious because of the service, i frequent the same coffee shop most days and they give me good service, they know me, i very rarely wait for my order, often not even having to tell my order, they know what i have and just get it ready for me. Pretty much everyone that works there is the same and the tip just ends up in the tip jar, if it was one person more then another i would try and figure a way to give them the tip without it being weird, but pretty good service all round.

2. The price of the coffee is $4.60 (Australian Dollars) which means for change i inevitably get 2 x 20cent pieces, which in all honesty is kind of annoying. While dollar for dollar, the 5, 10 and 20 cent coins all weigh roughly the same, having more then about a dollar of any of them either becomes a decent weight in your pocket, or difficult to count. While you may say why not save them up and buy another coffee with the change when you have it, this proves my point that it is annoying having to carry 23 20cent coins around. Both because of weight, and space they take up and the need to count them.

So a 40 cent tip you say on a $4.60 coffee, yeah i know it isn’t even 10% but, it is what is easy for me. Maybe if i had another coin in my pocket i will throw that in two, to get rid of it. However i seriously get almost no change, because i use cash as little as possible. 95% of the times that i use cash it is either for my coffee, which i tip the change or lunch which for the most part costs a round dollar amount (that is another story though about frequenting a food shop). The last change i got other then for my coffee, is still in my pocket weeks later, and it is 2 x $2 coins. Just don’t seem to buy things that cost this smaller amount.

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