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End of the Year

Well, as i think just about everyone will realize it is the end of another year. While worldwide it would seem that many have taken quite a beating with the stockmarket, and other financial problems that have come up, Australia has to some extent been a little bit better off. This is not to say […]

Keep Blogging on track

The creative cycles is something that is different for just about everyone. Some people have long period’s where their creative juices flow and it is easy to write. While others (like me) have short bursts where idea’s come easily and writing something new every day is no problem, then have periods where writing is not […]

Keeping an Idea Journal

I have been blogging for a little while now, and one thing i tend to find is that idea’s come and go, but by far to often they don’t come at a time when i have to write the post. So i have taken to keeping an idea’s journal. My idea’s journal has taken on […]