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Adwords Trial: Trying Less continued

Well, about two weeks ago i discussed the idea of after a period of time dropping keywords that were showing no results at all, in favour of trying to just keep for example your top twenty focused search terms. For the most part i thought that this may work, based on the theory that if […]

Where is the Marketing Fund

Marketing is something that like it or not pretty much every business needs to allocate funds to and use in some meaningful way. The unfortunate reality for many businesses is not that the more dollars we spend on marketing the more money we make. While this may be true for some business it is just […]

Final Ray of hope

Well, it would seem that i tend to give Retail a hard time here, and it is a hard time that is well deserved. To many businesses seem to have to many sales people that just really do not care. They are all geared up to sell to people with no idea, who if they […]