Adwords Trial: More on keywords

Ok so it has been almost a month since i paused about 95% of the keywords that i had on one campaign.  While the results are hardly life shattering they have given a strange result to my expectations, in the opposite direction to what i suspected, and considering there is still 3 or 4 days till the end of the month could change slightly.

At this point with all but the keywords with impressions from last month paused, i have recieved about 100 impressions less for the same ad. So really what this leads me to think is that me pausing the keywords has had no impression and the reason for the drop is maybe just lower search volume. I had thought maybe the actual effect would be to increase a little.  My reasoning behind this was that if you have fewer keywords, it would show them more often as there is not so much competition to try and show all keywords if they are searched for. This is maybe a bad way to look at it as the actual effect i am seeing is that maybe the ad is being shown to it’s maximum as is already.

Again though as i mentioned previously i think that this is going to require some additional reasech, investigation and testing. My currant plan is that on the 1st of December i will enable all keywords again, for 1 weeks, then pause, and work on getting about 1 weeks worth of data at a time testing a number of different meathods. This should give some better quicker results as i don’t find that there is any additional benefit from waiting and seeing a whole month’s worth of results when you can get results for four different options in the same amount of time.

I am also thinking of consolidating from of my posts, about my adwords trial into some more easy to following pages, so that you don’t need to go digging through all the posts here to try and find the key information.

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