Adwords Trial: Trying Less continued

Well, about two weeks ago i discussed the idea of after a period of time dropping keywords that were showing no results at all, in favour of trying to just keep for example your top twenty focused search terms.

For the most part i thought that this may work, based on the theory that if you do not have so many search terms the search engine will be able to serve the ones you do have more often, within your budget. So i cut back my search term’s on one campaign to about 9 from 94 terms in total. The method i used was anything that had impressions for the life of the campaign (which has been since about august) would stay active, and the rest would get paused.

In reality i am surprised at the results, but really still unsure how best to guage if it is the change i have made, or just the fact that maybe the terms have not been search as much. Basically even though i have only made the change about 2 weeks ago, which means i had almost a week at the start of the month with all terms active and i still have about 10 days left this month. I am still going to share some results anyway. For the whole of last month i had over 170 impressions, (adjusted for the 1 deleted keyword which had 145 impressions, this was deleted because the term was to generic). Now so far to date for this month i have just 80 impressions.

If you consider that at 80 impressions so far this month that works out to about 4 per day, then i would expect maybe to get to 120 impressions for the month. So either due to less search traffic on these keywords or some other reason unknown to me, i seem to be getting less impressions with paused keywords, rather then potentially mor. This is something that i may need to look into a little over the next couple of months and continue to test.

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