Final Ray of hope

Well, it would seem that i tend to give Retail a hard time here, and it is a hard time that is well deserved. To many businesses seem to have to many sales people that just really do not care. They are all geared up to sell to people with no idea, who if they find a problem where a model is not in stock or such will just change gears and try and sell them whatever they do have in stock.

The problem here comes the sales people do not know how to handle a sale that is for a product where the customer comes in knows what they want and just wants to buy it. If there is no stock they do not know how to handle this to save a sale.  They are just not really from my perception that interested in selling something that is not going to walk out the door and leave cash in the till today.

Even more so this you would think is the wrong way to operate with the current economic climate. You would think that any sale is a good sale, even if it requires knocking 20 or 30 dollars off, or absorbing the credit card company fees in the sale. All the big guys know that they are costs of doing business and price accordingly. While the smaller retailers are just struggling to stay in business and pass on the costs of doing so by adding surcharges on for things like credit cards.

In reality the above sums up much of my experience in buying a laptop and my observation of the retail industry over the last week or so. Well finally i found a sales person with some knowledge, and who just wanted to make the sale either way. He was not concerned what model i wanted as long as it was one of the ones he had on display. He would have transferred one from another store even. Needless to say i bought one (he actually had it in stock) and am quite happy with the purchase. Not only this he was struggling with the fact that for a large retail store he was the only sales person there on a busy saturday, yet had no problem in spending the time needed to make the sale happen.

Finally after all my rants on poor service, and poor store policies, i have been able to even if just one paragraph say something good for just one retailer, even if it did just come down to one sales person.

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