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Adwords Trial: More on keywords

Ok so it has been almost a month since i paused about 95% of the keywords that i had on one campaign.  While the results are hardly life shattering they have given a strange result to my expectations, in the opposite direction to what i suspected, and considering there is still 3 or 4 days […]

What you need for No Fixed Office

As many of you may know, i have another blog about working with No Fixed Office. Which pretty much brings up the main topic of having no fixed office, how to work without an office, where to work and many other related topics. Well this week i have started a series of articles that i […]

Small Business Building with Debt

It often becomes a fact that small businesses can have trouble sourcing reasonable finance which will actually help them build their business. However making the best use of debt can in so many ways help you build your business a lot more quickly then otherwise possible. It is making the best use of debt and […]