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Know the business you are in

It sometimes really surprises me how some business owners, really don’t know much about the business that they are in. They know they are in business and they know what the business is but they have really not any idea about the actual inner workings of the business. I believe it can become one of […]

Adword’s Trial: Being to Generic

As i mentioned in my last post about my adwords trial, i am having some resonable results. As such i have added an additional campaign for another product. The new campaign is not quiet as big on keywords it has just 79 keywords, compared to 200+ on my other campaign. However i have learnt something […]

Adword’s showing more stats

It has been about three weeks since i last posted about the Adwords trial that i am working on for both this site as well as my business site. Both are giving some good results in term’s of what keywords are showing up and which one’s are not. While some of the results i think […]