Adword’s Trial: Being to Generic

As i mentioned in my last post about my adwords trial, i am having some resonable results. As such i have added an additional campaign for another product. The new campaign is not quiet as big on keywords it has just 79 keywords, compared to 200+ on my other campaign. However i have learnt something valuable i believe in setting up this new campaign.

I set-up the new campaign less then 2 days ago, but i have already found that you need to be careful about not going to generic with keywords when you are targeting a specific product. While it may be true that any impressions is a benefit and that the more people seeing your ad the more chance they will click on it, i think there is also some degree where you lose the focus of what you are advertising.

Ok time  for a little example, sorry going for the oldest example product in the book, widgets. So selling widgets you have a huge range but you have focused on advertising the top of the line king widgit. So you set up some marketing with Adwords, pick a whole lot of specific keywords, and then without thinking you also put in widget, and some other fairly generic search terms. While this may give the widest reach it is going to end up with one result that may not be overally favourable.

By using a generic search term like “widget” in the above example you land yourself in the area of a high number of impressions. Because many people may search for widgets by using this search term. However 98% of those people may be looking for standard widgets, not the king Widgets you want to sell. This has two effects. The first is that you are going to potentially be paying for untargeted clicks, for people who don’t want king widgets, just regular ones. But more importantly it will also bring down the overall Click Through Rate of your campaign. Which can have an effect on your position.

So really sometimes at the end of the day it needs to come down to more that you are being specific in your advertising approach, by using product specific keywords and not throwing in any keyword that may get a click.

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