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It has been about three weeks since i last posted about the Adwords trial that i am working on for both this site as well as my business site. Both are giving some good results in term’s of what keywords are showing up and which one’s are not. While some of the results i think are kind of predictable there are some that are i think proving different to what i have read.

The first thing is that Long Tail keywords are really only going to be of benefit if they are terms even in remote likelihood going to be searched. For example for my business site i have one ad for one product with 240 keywords, for all of last month just 5 of the these keywords had any impressions at all. The general method i used was about 20-30 different product specific keywords, combined with localized area’s and brands, plus as individual word keywords. There is probably 80% that would be classed as long tail keywords.

In reality i think if i used the same ad and set just this one keyword that is getting the majority of impressions i would notice very little difference. Maybe a 10-15% drop in page impressions, which really is not that great.

The other big thing i am really noticing is that i have had to adjust the CPC on a few terms to actually get them viewed. While adwords is actually showing the page impressions it would receive the ad itself is not actually making it to the first page all that often. This leads to me to one problem the one keyword providing the majority of impressions is the one keyword they list the highest requirement for first page placement, and i would assume that means the last position on the first page.

The issue that a higher CPC leads to for me is that i am unsure i can justify a fairly high CPC for the product that i am advertising. Obviously there must be a number of people that can justify this, however i am marketing to a smaller area then these people, so it is something i am going to have to try and look at what worst case scenario may be and what that translates to in dollar terms.

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