Pay hit is being noticed

Well, i am not quite sure if i shared the news here but at work i managed to get myself a promotion. Along with the promotion i become permanent, and went up a pay level. Only problem here was that going up a pay level and going to permanent at the same time actually means a pay cut.

Ok so fair enough as permanent i get sick leave, annual leave and such, plus there is some training they are going to provide for a few things. So yes the money thing probably works out for unseen benefits.  However this does not help on the financial side of things for me. It has actually made thing’s kind of tight for me, while i can still save money the ridiculously small amount i am saving seems almost like i am treading water.

When you look at the actual dollar figures however this becomes much a different story. pretty much the rate i am on if i work a standard 38 hour week, i will earn about $36K per year, previously i would have taken about $41K. However my actual income last year with loadings and overtime came in closer to $55K from my job .  Yes a big difference however the role i was in for that time require some overtime and generally got my loading’s. My role now with earlier start time’s won’t get as much of the loading and effectively i am doing no overtime.

Oh well, i think enough of me complaining, and more time for me to do something about it and make thing’s happen to improve my situation myself.

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