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Location, Location, Location…

While the saying “Location, Location, Location” has become well known in relation to residential property. It is a saying that is worth paying attention to in relation to location a retail business. For the large majority of retail stores, the location is going to make or break the business. Getting it wrong can spell disaster […]

Adwords Trial: Local terms

As part of my Adwords campaign’s i wanted to attempt to capture as many local hits as i could. As such i picked out approximately 15-20 keywords and then combined them each with about 4 or 5 local place names. My theory on this was that while someone searching for “Printer Toner”, may start by […]

New Site Launch

Today is an exciting day for me, i have finally got together most of the things to launch my new site. The new site which can be found at is going to cover a whole range of topics. The primary topic for the most part is really just as the domain suggests how to […]