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My Business 100% Portable

Really it has been something that has been on my mind for a very long time, that is just how easy it is to be fully portable with maybe not your entire business but a minimum your office. I have been able to say good bye to the days of having to be stuck in […]

Bank Fee’s you don’t have to pay them

Now unfortunately this is not a magical way to do as many transactions as you want at the bank and get out of paying fees. The fact is that generally the more transaction’s you make the more it is going to cost you in bank fees each month. So really the simple answer to this […]

Adwords Trial some results

It has taken maybe a month and a half for me to figure this out, but i finally did find that the ads i have been trialing are getting impressions. I had been quite disappointed that i was not getting any impressions even let alone clicks, but i found it was my mistake in obviously […]