Keeping your password secure

On the internet almost one of the biggest concerns for anyone is staying secure. No matter how much time your spend on the internet there is almost always a need for passwords of some form. For your connection to the internet, an email account or a Web hosting account. All of them use password’s and using insecure password’s is one of the quicker way’s to become the victim of a hacker, or someone without your best interests in mind.

This topic has come to mind for me after having one of my account’s compromised, while i thought the password was sufficient i now realized it could easily have been one of the weak points. As a precaution i have taken the step to change all my password’s to something that is more secure. In doing this i have found some good tips to help you get a better handle on what is and is not a secure password.

What not to do

1. Do not use your name

2. Do not use your bidthday

3. Do not use any other name, birthday or place that can be easily guessed

4. Do not use a dictionary word (unless you follow all the steps below)

What to do

1. Pick two words (For example laptop and coffee)

2. Change some of the letters to numbers (for example l4pt0p and c0ff33) While the numbers used to substitute still make the word appear to be the same, a computer will not see it as a word.

3. Capitalize some letters (for example L4aT0p and c0fF33)

4. Finally add one or two symbols (for example L4aT0p&c0fF33#)

Taking these four simple steps when creating your password’s can take something simple like laptop and coffee and turn them into a secure password. If you want to make it that bit more secure you can even go to the extent of randomly picking a few letters, a few numbers, and a few symbols and combining them in no particular order. The more characters your use the more secure the password will be.

Really the key is making it easy to remember, but not easy for someone to guess, if that cannot be done, then consider keeping a record of the password somewhere safe, just in case your forget it.

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