Two ways to Approach Marketing

While there are literally hundreds if not thousands of ways that you can approach marketing within your business. At the end of the day for people it is going to come down to a few fairly simply ideas. In some cases just 2 ways. Today i am going to outline 2 ways you can approach marketing one which is a good idea and one which is maybe not so good.

My personal preference for marketing is to maintain a fairly quick back to back one campaign after another motion. Of course like any other method this has good and bad points. However it is quite possible to minimize the number of bad points by putting in a little bit of time and research before taking blind leaps into marketing. This is where the two methods of marketing that i am going to discuss today can really show major differences in their results.

Machine Gun Marketing

If someone with little experience with weapons was given a machine gun and asked to hit the same target with each bullet as quickly as possible, you would probably find very few got close to hitting the same spot. This is just like marketing purely for the sake of marketing, basically marketing with no research and no particular target market in mind.

While marketing in this fashion will get you a certain amount of business just purely because you accidentally did get the message to one of your target market it will be far more costly due to paying to market to people outside your target market. Depending on your business this type of marketing may well be a required part of your marketing plan, to ensure you are not missing any potential business. However, this should still only be a small part of your plan.

Laser Marketing

Now consider you put a laser in the hands of someone inexperienced, as opposed to the machine gun, it will quickly become obvious a laser can hit the same target over and over again very quickly even in the hands of someone with little experience. There are just two things you need to know, Where you are coming from and where the target is.

While this may sound like it is making this very simplistic, it still does require some work and research. But once you know what your target is and what you need to do to hit it, you are going to be much more successful for a lower cost then if you just take a random approach and market to everyone.

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