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Really it has been something that has been on my mind for a very long time, that is just how easy it is to be fully portable with maybe not your entire business but a minimum your office.

I have been able to say good bye to the days of having to be stuck in one spot to do work for my business. I have taken the steps and can literally work on and in my business from anywhere. Well i guess there is some places that i may not really want to work from but it would be theoretically possible. To do this there are a few things that are needed, and of course they do cost money, however conveinience has very rarely come cheap.

So What do you need, (these things are not all absolutelty required however all of them combined can make for a very flexible office).

A Laptop Computer

I guess this is the one obvious requiement, it would be fairly impractical to carry around a desktop computer and monitor (while not impossible it does kind of limit you). Really any laptop less then a few years old should handle everything you need without to many problems. If you don’t have a laptop then spending $500-$2000 on a new or second hand laptop should get you going. The only real requirements are USB Ports and a decent battery (if the battery is not that good you can always use the ac adaptor when you have a power point available).

A Mobile Phone

While this is almost a crazy point to make (as just about everyone has one) it is more so to make a point on the type of plan you should look to use rather then in so much having a phone. If you are planning to be mobile a lot with your office then having a reasonable mobile phone plan is essential. Look to use a mobile cap where you get a higher volume of call allowence then you may for. e.g. some carriers offer $310 credit for $49 a month.

Portable Printer

While not essential, there does come times when you really would like to print something out and just don’t have a printer available. This can be solved and help quite a bit depending on the type of business that you are operating. It could be used for invoicing, quoting or simply providing printed information on the spot. This does not come cheap though, the model i use is a HP 460CB and costs roughly $400-$500 and includes the battery.

Mobile Broadband

Again this item is not absolutely essential, especially in many capital cities there are free services becoming more widely available, however access to these can vary and be less then realiable sometimes. For between $20 and $100 a month you can have almost broadband speed internet with just a small modem you put a simcard in. Especially if you have even a small part of your business online this can become a very valuable addition to your mobile office.


All up this can make for a very flexible working environment, and really it is something that i have wanted to share for some time. As time goes on this is only going to get more affordable and easier to access for more people.

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