Why use Poor Marketing

There has been a trend that i have seen seemingly grow more and more prevalent over the past years. It is somehow what many would think is marketing suicide, however does not to any large extent seem to affect the businesses using it. It is where a company with a good image and good reputation will use the absolutely most ridiculous marketing campaign imaginable.

Now there is a difference that i notice between some of these campaigns. There are many companies that use perfectly suitable marketing campaign’s for their business or product. Then you have another group of companies that will go a bit over the top with the marketing they do, it still is tasteful and while not always relevant to their product it gets attention. Finally you have a third group of companies, that seem to go out of their way to make ads that have nothing really to do with their product, and are practically obnoxious. While they may get attention they also turn people off in my opinion.

Some of the worst one’s are on the Radio, where they seem to think that people must be able to stand listening to anything that they try putting you through. For example over the last few month’s a car sales yard has had an advertisement on the radio from time to time, with a lady (i think it is a lady anyway) screaming about the car yard buying your car. Really for the small (and i would assume it is a very small) number of people that would find this fun to listen to, they would not really achieve the potential they could have with something more tasteful.

What i find even more disturbing about this trend and what i am sure will actually end up driving me to stop listening to the radio like i have stopped watching TV for the most part, will be this type of marketing. I really do not enjoy listening to rubbish, which is why i can sometimes sit in the car cycling through 6 different station that play music i like, and have 5 minute blocks where all i get is talking, ads or news? All of which seems to be dropping in quality, especially the advertising.

What i would really like to know is why companies think that they need to use this kind of marketing. Is it that they do not think they are going to be heard if they use something normal, or do they want to make a statement that people are going to notice. Either way i think that it is going to get to a point that people are going to stop watching, listening or reading the marketing purely because they see it for what it is a load of rubbish. This is more then likely besides the point that a large portion of people probably tune out to this anyway.

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