The Adwords Trial continues…

Well, it has been close to two weeks since i mentioned my trial on adwords, and although i would have liked it to be otherwise is actually still the last post i made. Time has not been as freely available as i would have liked, which is something that i really want to change in the very near future.

Anyway to adwords, the actual site that i wanted to try this on as yet i have not touched with adwords. The first and only reason really being that, i am still working on a few details of this site with the owner, and once we get them all sorted will try something out. However what i did do is try putting a few ads out for this blog, and my other site Business Finds. To say the least for me it has been rather disappointing, but i do think that there are reasons for that.

Firstly for this blog i only went with a small set of keywords, about 20 or so, that i thought related to the site. From this set of keywords it seems that they are keywords nobody searches for, as in the almost 2 weeks i have had the ad running it has had a total of 0 clicks and 0 impressions.  This is maybe my own fault for going to specific.

My other trial was for Business Finds, I used a much larger set of keywords here, i think about 50 or so, of which i had a mixture of long tail keywords and specific words. At the time of writing i have had the same results of 0 clicks and 0 impressions. While i also think that this could be mostly my fault for going to specific and maybe not going for a much higher level of keywords.

I have seen some recommendations that at a minimum you should be looking for something like thousands if not tens of thousands of keywords to use, i do not think this is always needed. Previously i had some success with product specific keywords in adwords, when i was promoting some of the products i used to sell. While they were successful at the time, i do not know if this may be some where i will find more success with adwords or not. Really this will be something that i am going to have to put some more time and consideration into how to make it work and pay off in the end.

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