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Over the past year with the way petrol prices move around on a weekly basis, it can be quite hard to figure out which service station is actually offering the best price for petrol. This I think partly comes from one fact that there are around 5 different fuel types* at the majority of service stations. While there is often only 2 or 3 of these actually shown on their price boards.

The confusion does not always come out for all customers, because Diesel is on the price boards at most service stations without fail and has a very different price bracket. Where I find the confusion mainly comes in is the between the Unleaded fuels, and the discount price listed. Some service station’s advertise normal unleaded and some advertise the ethonol blend, while other advertise both or advertise one including a shopper docket discount amount.

The problem I find is that there is absolutely no consistency between not just different service station chains, but not even between service stations operating under the same company banner. This causes confusion, especially considering the wording that says which type of fuel the price is for is pretty small and you pretty much have to be driving into the drive way just to see what it says.

At the end of the day I think there needs to be consistency between at a minimum the service stations within one brand within an area. Although the difference in pricing can be fairly small it is just plain and simple making it easier for the every day person like you can me to know what we are looking at.

*Unleaded, Unleaded ethonol blend, Unleaded higher octane blend, Diesel, and Gas.

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The price of unleaded fuel must be displayed outside of the petrol station so that customers can immediately see what the price is before entering the petrol station to purchase.
Problem is that small independent service stations that are only selling E10 dont tell you that on the sign, but say that the fuel is standard unleaded.
Only the small stickers tell customers that it is E10. Many people wanting standard unleaded are fooled and fill up with E10. It is a scam, watch out for it.

Thanks for the comment Ken. Myself I don’t tend to buy at the independent’s, Not because I don’t want to support small business, but more because it is so convenient to purchase at the major outlets, often they are cheaper and I have always had plenty of discount dockets sitting around.

I no longer have the problem with Unleaded and E10 as I now have a car running on diesel. However this has a similar issue, in the mixture of Regular diesel and Bio-diesel, Either no where I have been uses Biodiesel, or they are using a percent under the requirement to say so somewhere.

I like reading your website for the reason that you can always bring us new and awesome things, I feel that I should at least say a thank you for your hard work.

– Rob

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