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The Adwords Trial continues…

Well, it has been close to two weeks since i mentioned my trial on adwords, and although i would have liked it to be otherwise is actually still the last post i made. Time has not been as freely available as i would have liked, which is something that i really want to change in […]

Internet Marketing Adword’s Trial

Over the past few weeks and months i have been developing a few different websites along side this blog. I have another blog on going, as well as my new site that i mentioned in my last post, and my own business website. To date i have done no advertising on any of them, however […]

Petrol Price Boards

Over the past year with the way petrol prices move around on a weekly basis, it can be quite hard to figure out which service station is actually offering the best price for petrol. This I think partly comes from one fact that there are around 5 different fuel types* at the majority of service […]