What is the true Value of Education

Education. It is something that i very important in some fields, ie Medicine, Law, and a number of other fields that cannot be practiced without having the prerequisite tertiary education. While There are so many fields that education is an essential, there are i expect just as many that list education as a requirement, while they almost all but pay no attention to it when making a hiring decision.

At the same time, education plays almost no part in the immediate earning potential of a person. Just for one example, a college graduate may be able to make $40,000 – $50,000 dependent on their field of course, and on occasion some may be able to do a little better in their first year. In comparison, this year just passed i have earned, Over $50,000 while not even completing High School.

Admittedly i have not earned this much money every year, since i left high school, although for the past 3 or 4 years i have come pretty close, and in all honesty i believe that i have probably learned more life lesson’s while working then i believe that i could have learned in university or college. Not only this i have gained a knowledge of quite a number of different business types, including, retail, wholesale, as well as businesses that are in very fast paced businesses. While I may not have gained a full understanding of every little piece of these businesses, i have gained i think something more in that i have a much wider breadth of knowledge and have an ability to apply knowledge gained in one area on another.

Now this post was not meant to be to talk up my abilities, which are probably quiet lacking in comparison to many others. What i really wanted this post to focus on is that fact that it does not matter in any respect at all how much education you have had for many industries it all comes down to what experience you have gained, how you apply that experience and how you migrate that experience from area to another.

Migrate your experience

Migrating experience gained in one field or business to another is what often sets many people apart. This is possibly one of the best skills i think that an employer could potentially look for in new employees. While it may be a fantastic trait, it is not something that everyone can do, and creating the correlation of one skill to a completely different industry can be quite a major step for someone who has not needed to this before.
The first job that i had out of school was building computers. A number of the skills learned in this job can only be used in this job, for example where all the different parts go is not something that you can use in a different job such as a retail sales assistant. However this concept of this skill can be transferred across, and it is something that many salespeople do not have any idea about. What i am talking about is that to sell something to a person in a retail store, is just 1 part of it. There are many parts that go into making a sale and each of those part’s is important, just like building a computer.

So what it all comes down to is that while you may think that skills you are learning now are not going to be of any use to you in other jobs. This may be very much untrue, and these skills may be so much more important then you think. Get the skills learn how they apply to the job you have now and always be looking how to apply them in a different way.

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