The four hour work week

Recently i have finished reading the book “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss, While the title of the book creates an idea about just what is inside, it could be said it isn’t entirely what the book is about. While it may sound as if i am starting out to review the book, this is not really my intention, what i want to do is give my opinion on where this book is really going.

In my opinion the focus of the book is to show you ways and means to move from a mentality of you have to work constantly to earn the money you need to live, across to the mentality that the amount of time you personally work has no direct relation to the potential money you can earn. While it is not said as such in the book, this was the biggest mind shift i personally gained from the book. For me it has nothing to do with working a 4 hour week over a 40+ hour week, more so the real disconnection of the X dollars per hour mentality.

In this respect i believe that the title is slightly deceiving, however on a number of occasion’s outside the book the author has well describe how the title was brought about. This title really gives the book some definition, which is what every book needs. More where the book is actually leading the mind is to the idea of creating income opportunities that that have limitless potential and working as many hours as you wish to do, with a focus on limiting the number of hours you are needed to allow for more time to pursue your dreams.

This is where it becomes ambiguous, while some people may be happy to spend just 4 hours a week working on a dream business, other’s may be looking to spend less time, or maybe other wish to spend more time. Which is actually reinforced on occasion by the author and through case studies of people living this sort of lifestyle. I do absolutely agree with the this ideal, of work the hours you want to work while making a income with limitless potential, really appeals, however the absolute key to this is detaching yourself from a workplace that requires constant attention and attendance to complete your job. So doing this as part of the workforce for many is not a real potential.

At the end of the day i had many doubts about buying this book, initially i had read many negative reviews that the content lead to things that were not feasible for the average working class person. However when i made the decision to buy the book months later and have now read the book i have to disagree. While there is a much higher curve to actually accomplish some of the things in this book it is possible for anyone to do it if they apply themselves. If they are not ready to do this then they are of course going to see it in a negative light and push that this is not a possible course of action. I think everyone should read this book, while you may not want to go head on and fully move to this lifestyle it can give you quite a good range of idea’s on where to improve your life and save time on small things.

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