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Three quick news things i want to share.

I have a few things that i want to share just quickly with everyone. The first thing is something i found and just had to share with as many people as i could. It is a gift that is being given away with only a very small catch. The gift is Trevor Crook’s Copywriting Blueprint […]

How small business costs you

Today more and more businesses are struggling to make a reasonable return on the investment the owners are making in either time or money. The primary issue in this becomes apparent when you start to consider that there are any number of businesses that when you take an outsiders look at the business you start […]

What is the true Value of Education

Education. It is something that i very important in some fields, ie Medicine, Law, and a number of other fields that cannot be practiced without having the prerequisite tertiary education. While There are so many fields that education is an essential, there are i expect just as many that list education as a requirement, while […]