The Art of being Present when Selling…

I have never done any sales training, apart of small sit there and listen to your manager in a 15 minute sales meeting. I really do not know if this actually becomes a good or bad point though. I mean i would assume that sales training does to some extent improve people’s ability to sell. However at the same time i think Customer Service training can conflict with this.

Now it would be my assumption that most sales training would tell you that if you have a customer that you are talking to there is a higher chance of a sale then any other random customer that walks in. For example a shoe store if you have a customer sitting down trying shoes on then obviously they are really interested in considering purchasing shoes, and you would focus on making that sale, rather then moving away to see if you can help other customers.

This is pretty much exactly what happened to me, I went to the shoe shop today, intending to purchase shoes (which i end up doing), yet the girl that served me had almost the worst customer service or sales skills (not sure which) you could find. She started serving me while she still had another customer to finish serving, and as such only got me sitting down because i knew i wanted to buy shoes. In addition to this not once, or twice but at least 4 times while serving me, was distracted when she went to see if she could serve other customers in the store. What made this worse was the 5th potential customer that she pretty much ignored, who she could have sold another pair of shoes to was my mother who was there with me, who i know asked her at least two questions she should have immediately picked up as pre qualifying questions.

This could be seen as being even a little worse considering that it appeared her manager was in the store and entirely ignoring the fact customers walked into the store at all.

Maybe it is poor sales training, poor customer service training, maybe no training at all or just the fact she had to work with an ignorant uninterested manager, who knows. However i think it comes down to one very small thing that many sales people just do not know, have never been told or something. When you are selling “Be present, and focused on the sale at hand”. When i did retail sales i figure this out quite quickly, if you do not stay focused on the customer in front of you they very quickly make there mind up to not buy from you.

I made many many more sales when i was committed to helping the customer till they purchased. The most i would allow for another customer to interrupt was maybe 10 seconds, for a where can i find this, or to direct them to another salesperson who was free, and i never let another member of staff interrupt without a very good reason which they never were able to do, there is almost never anything that is that important that can wait 10 or 15 minutes even from your manager.

So i think the primary thing sales people need to learn is stay focused on the customer at hand, it is much easier to make a sales to a customer you are talking to already then to the customer that is “just looking thanks”.

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