What’s your plan.

It would seem that i have left it longer then i wanted since i last posted a blog. While i am still considering just what i may undertake as a thirty day trial, to personal growth, i have come across another interesting topic. This is quite possibly a topic that many people never think about and never even consider as possibly the biggest reason for not succeeding.

When you think about what you want to do in the future, how many plans do you have, most people have one, probably two if not many more that they have in the back of their mind as back-up plans. It came to me the other day this is probably the single biggest reason why my business failed, is that i had to many plan’s and did not follow through on a single plan. Of course i had a plan that i was following that was working at the time but i had this big back-up plan that came the undoing.

While running a profitable successful business was PLAN A, i had in the back of my mind a PLAN B, and my thinking ran along the lines of well if PLAN A does not work out for me then i can always fall back to PLAN B. Maybe you have guess what PLAN B was or maybe not but many people going into business for themselves have this very same plan, and sadly like myself decide PLAN B is a much easier option. For me PLAN B was “If my business is not successful i can always get a job” for some it may be go on welfare, others may have a different idea, and leave PLAN A which is not working and go to PLAN B with a PLAN C floating in the back of their mind if that does not work.

Now i do think that this same topic has been talked about over and over again, in different words, as different topics. At the end of the day though i personally believe that the path to success is one single plan, making a choice to follow just one idea, or one path or one plan. Sticking to that one way not matter what the circumstances. This for some is a very difficult way to life, i think it really separates the people who will succeed and the people who wont. Can you imagine how different the world would be if Thomas Edison had not stuck to his Plan A of creating the light bulb, maybe someone else would have get there eventually, but it is sticking the his Plan that made it happen.

It is kind of ironic that i am now bringing this point to discussion, because really that the option that i have taken, i choose my PLAN B.  It was at the time the easier option, i now have  job, admittedly it is a job that is now my PLAN A to continue to build on my career.  The primary reason i have taken this as my plan A is because it is what has always been a challenge for me, in many of the jobs that i have held, management have been unwilling to promote me due me excelling in the job i am doing and as such do not want to move me from that position. However, it is come to the time that while i am in a job that i excel at again, i have managers that are supportive in moving me up. I have been able on many occasions to show myself taking on challenges outside my role, and performing them well.

This is my Plan A, while it may sound counter intuitive, that i am discussing my Plan A as moving up within a job, on a blog i created to discuss business, i believe that at this point in time this environment still has much to teach me as i have already gained much from this job, moving up into higher positions can teach me a lot about business which in the future, may provide that edge i will need when my Plan A once again becomes to focus on business, and you can be assured the next time business becomes by Plan A, there will be no Plan B, there will be no other option, that business succeeding will be the only option i have. The next time i go into business, the only way out of my own business will be through retirement.

What is your Plan A, and are you letting a Plan B get in your way of success, take charge of your future now and demand nothing less then success from your Plan A by having no other option.

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