30 Day Experiment/Challenge

As i discussed yesterday i think that it was, i am really wanting to start and challenge myself in new areas and ways. The primary reason that i want to do this is because i believe that my comfort zone is way to small and i think that i need to look towards trying to expend this in a number of different ways.  So really over the next year i would really like to do a number of different 30 day challenges or experiments, whichever best describes them.

At this point i really do not know where i want to start with this of course i have a few different ideas of things i would like to learn or things that i would like to experiment with.  However it comes down to making the choice and finding something that i can right now get myself into doing or working on in 30 days.

The areas that i have really thought about so far, have been primarily in learning a new skill or improving myself in some way, or experimenting on my business.  One of the main things that i want to look at with this is something that is measurable, something that i can blog about and show how it is affecting me or how i am improving and finally to make the experience valuable for the people that are going to read about it.

I am quite partial at this point to learning a new skill.  This is where i have a lot of potential to see a benefit to myself and possibly pass on some good tricks and skills in ways to learn whatever the skill is that i come up with.  I am really excited to get moving on this soon  and think that i am going to have to put some real thought and research into what is going to be the best option for me.

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Hi Joel

Firstly let me congratulate you on how awesome the site is looking now, it’s been a few months since I last had a look around and things are looking pretty good.

I hope you don’t mind (I’m sure you won’t) me sharing a couple of tips.

I see you have started on the monetisation side of your blog and that’s a good thing.

I would do the following though to help it a little.

On your affiliate links use a url shortner like Tiny URL to hide your affiliate links. Not to disguise that it’s an affiliate link but to prevent someone from stealing your affiliate link or just deleting the affiliate portion.

On the google adsense side of things make the adsense code the same colors as your site, for example the headers in your site are blue so make the header in the google add blue.

Anyway keep up the good work and congrats


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