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There are many different ways that businesses can market their business these days. Such as traditional forms in the newspaper, radio and TV. There are also some not so traditional and kind of radical methods also being used like sky writing, fun days and also some fairly far out pranks, all to get the notice of the public. Some of this advertising goes just to far, while some just does not got far enough.

The category of not far enough, is where many small business websites land. By all means there are many sites that are fantastic, but many small business seem to see the internet as a set and forget method of marketing. Which is about as far from the truth as possible. unfortunately many business try and look to build website which has content they can leave and not need to update.

Keeping the content of your website fresh and up to date is just as important for a business website as it is for any other website, maybe even more so. The websites for many business has a potential to sell for them that is really never realized to the full extent possible. This mainly becomes a problem when the website content is to generalized and generic.

Using information that is specific to your business at any one time and keeping it up to date will over time encourage more people to want to visit your website and will assist your sales people in selling. There are many ways that this can be done and they can be as different from one industry to another as from one business to another. The frequency that updates are undertaken can also differ greatly from one industry to another even based on the time of the year. Some examples may include.

A Restaurant’s website

A restaurant could potentially work on an update schedule between weekly with a chefs special each week, or through to quarterly with a different menu for each season. Or ideally a combination of both which will ensure when customers visit their website they are going to see the most up to date menu.

An Accountant’s website

While a majority of the time information for an accountant firm may not change there are many reasons to update their site. First every year around the end of financial year information can be updated in changes when filing your tax this year, For businesses there are different times of year that different document need to be filed, putting reminders on your website can assist your client in not forgetting. Including an email update option as well for clients to register with can be beneficial here.

At the end of the day a majority of business should be able to find some reasons to update their website at least once a month. If not for a change of information at least to offer your clients something or show that there is something happening rather then just leaving a website saying last updated on, sometime last year. It just helps to show visitors to your site that you are as interested in giving them information as they are to try and find it.

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